Located in the heart of the historic Germantown neighborhood, just a short walk from downtown, we are surrounded by some of Nashville's best restaurants, bars and shopping as well as 2 blocks from the baseball stadium.  Make a day of experiencing our city's amazing culture outside of Broadway.
Below are some of our in-shoppe offerings

Hot Chocolate & Drinking Chocolate

Our decadent hot chocolate is like no other.  We incorporate three different chocolates into our recipe to create a rich creamy treat that will make you rethink ever having hot chocolate outside of Tempered again.

Drinking chocolate is a denser version of our hot chocolate and this European treat is for the true connoisseur with every intention of enjoying chocolate at its finest.


Our espresso program is excelled by our partnership with Americano Lounge's estate single origin AA organic rain forest certified coffee.  Enjoy yours paired with some artisan truffles as you soak in the Parisian vibe. 

Our Beverage Menu

Whiskey & Wine Pairings

Not many beverages pair better with chocolate than whiskey & wine.  As the complexity of flavors blend together, each note can become more vibrant and aware as their worlds collide.  Not all flavors work together so we spend many tough hours carefully tasting combinations to ensure you get the most out of your pairing.  Our chocolatiers will learn about your preferences and choose the best array for your experience.
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